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Dina Manzo 2015

Cosmano Wedding

Ladybug Bash - Dina Manzo

Brent Brown - I Got Soul - Vision Trailer

Directed, Filmed, and Edited By Timothy M. Schmidt


Oblio And Arrow - You Early Morning Resolve - Live In Studio

Directed, Filmed, and Edited By Timothy M. Schmidt

NEW Featured -- Katherine Hill - What Inspires You?


Katherine Hill, a professional choreographer and ice skater in Chicago, is featured in this biography for the Young Artist Showcase (YAS).

Shot over two days in Chicago. Katherine wanted to show off the city and her "Day in the life." There is no better road in the country than Lake Shore Drive in the summer.

The slow motion shots were shot at 60 fps (Frames per second) then slowed down in post to 24 fps, then converted into black and white. The transition from color to black was to further showcase the beautiful movements of Katherine in the 60fps slow motion. 

A teacher, a choreographer, dancer, and skater, She is doing what she loves while still being inspired every day.

"Really, I just want people to have fun." Kathrine says at the opening of the biography. "I'm really lucky to be able to do what I'm doing."

"What inspires me" is the driving theme of this biography. "Being able to take people's breath is inspiring."

Hopefully, we can all recall those moments in our life that define us. Watch Katherine share her defining moment

See Katherine in the Young Artist Showcase and contact her for booking.

Featured -- You Have Been Colored Violet

It was a massive pleasure working with Matt and Oblio And Arrow on this project. They were very open to my direction and kept encouraging my creative judgment, which is great to hear as a filmmaker.

We shot most of the video inside an old glass and mirror manufacturing warehouse.  There were all sorts of different and interesting things in every corner of the warehouse, my favorite being the freight elevator. This warehouse was neighboring a Metra train platform where we shot some really dynamic and fun shots with passing trains.

From a technical standpoint I wanted to shoot in natural lighting as much as possible. I used large aperture lenses to allow a lot of light and to give me a shallow depth of field. I also shot at a higher than normal shutter speed to give a specific look to the motion of a scene especially since I speed up footage in post for certain shots.

I am very proud of this video and happy to my name associated with this fantastic song and band. I look forward to future projects and opportunities to work together again. Check them out on facebook, too


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